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Sirovision's new MKIII underground stereo camera rig is a pupose-built system designed for the efficient image collection of underground rock faces. Built to complement our software mapping tool, Sirovision, the MKIII makes underground image capturing quick and easy with almost no set-up time required whilst being rugged enough to withstand the harshest of underground conditions.

MKIII - Lightweight, Robust, Portable.

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"Number one in structural mapping" - Mitterand Kalala, Underground & Open Pit Geotechnical Mapping & SSR Monitoring, Kamoto Copper Company S.A.

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MKIII - Outputs Into Sirovision.

The MKIII enables seamless integration with Sirovision, a greater level of automation that facilitates faster image downloading, as well as automatic image backup and deletion functions which remove the need for manual housekeeping. Designed as an essential part of the underground mapping workflow, the MKIII reduces the average time spent at the face with a new design that is lighter, faster and more manouverable than previous models.

See how easy it is to import the outputs from MKIII into Sirovision and perform geological and geotechnical structural mapping in the short video below.

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Camera Clinic-

Technical Development

We travelled to Melbourne, Australia to have a chat with Wayne Rogers, Owner of Camera Clinic and Imaging by Design. He explained how the MKIII was built, what makes it so solid on the outside and yet powerful on the inside. We are happy to have partnered with such an experienced and passionate team to develop the next generation of our MK series.

Evolution Mining -

Tried & Tested

Ian Anderson, Sirovision Product Manager took the test rig to Evolution Mining - Cowal Mines in West Wyalong, Australia to show Chris Browne, Project Manager, the huge improvements made on the new rig. Being a site that was currently using the MKIII, it was a worthwhile trip to showcase the vast differences in size, build and performance to the MKII. We thank the team at Cowal Mines for their wonderful hospitality and for allowing our team to film on-site.


Ian Anderson has almost 10 years as a Geologist fulfilling roles such as Project Geologist and Technical Advisor Geology for MMG Limited. He is the face of Datamine's open pit and underground geological and geotechnical mapping solutions, and you can often see him whizzing around his drone on his off days.


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