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Implementing a material tracking system in an emerging iron ore

company in Western Australia in under two months.

Datamine and a rapidly growing iron ore mining company in Western Australia have successfully implemented the MineMarket logistics solution at one of their operations in under two months. The company had plans to expand production at their mine to a rate of 15 million tonnes per annum by the end of 2020. Supporting this expansion is a targeted digital transformation program that will improve efficiency and scale with the operation into the future.

Our team tackled the problem of the mining operations previously relied on Excel spreadsheets to track material movements from the mine. These spreadsheets were accessed by multiple staff working on a FIFO basis, increasing the complexity of managing files and data integrity.

Want to read more and see how we did this using MineMarket? Download the full PDF or contact us for a tailored approach for your mine site.

By working together, both Datamine and the iron ore company have rapidly implemented a logistics solution that delivers immediate benefits and is scalable for future needs.

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