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LAB3 empowers organisations to drive greater business value with controlled and scalable technology creating innovative and integrated solutions.

SensorMine by LAB3 is the gateway to a goldmine of

real-time data, providing an easy-to-implement, low-cost,

end-to-end predictive maintenance solution to monitor equipment and access insights 24/7 – helping to make

precise, data-backed decisions to keep mine sites 

running productively.  

 SensorMine now makes it possible to start monitoring assets in just days to increase their lifespan and avoid downtime. The low-cost long-range battery powered sensors, make predictive maintenance simple. The sensors are installed, collect real-time monitoring from recording data and then visualises and alerts through actionable visual dashboards to effectively reduce labour costs and the impact of downtime events.

Datamine will be a reseller of LAB3's SensorMine through its vast and growing global network. Datamine customers will have access to the easiest low-cost, end-to-end monitoring solution for mining companies to understand site conditions and asset health. Providing cost-effective long-range battery-powered sensors that can be deployed in days to achieve mine efficiency, reliability, and operational stability, while reducing labour costs and site risk. 

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